• Restores balance of gastrointestinal microflora, establishing a healthy gut flora
  • Reduces intestinal ammonia concentration
  • Prevents infection caused by putrefactive microorganisms
  • Probiotic microorganisms produce enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients
  • Enhances digestion and better up take of nutrients
  • Gives better food conversion ratio
  • Increases appetite and better food intake
  • Decreases absorption of cholesterol in the blood stream


  • Helps in bone formation
  • Blood clotting
  • Metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Prevents from sudden convulsion and death
  • Helps in enzymic function
  • Facilitates cellular respiration, thyroid hormone formation


  • Maintains a healthy growth of epithelial tissues and vision
  • Enhances absorption of calcium and phosphorous for bone formation
  • Serves as a good biological antioxidant
  • Regulates reproductive efficiency

Composition per Kg of product

Administration and Dosage

5 g per animal per day along with food or by putting the required dose in a mouth full of grass or hay and putting at a time inside the mouth


  • Promotes growth
  • Increases resistance to diseases and stress
  • Reduces cholesterol level in meat
  • Maintains reproductive capability
  • Prevents from lactating stress

Probiotic Feed Supplement for Goat and Sheep in Hyderabad India

Probiotic Feed Supplement is used to restore the balance of gastrointestinal microflora, establishing a healthy gut flora, and reducing intestinal ammonia concentration in Goat and Sheep in India. Bioxcell Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is the best supplier and manufacturer of Probiotic Feed supplements for Goat and Sheep in Hyderabad India.

Probiotic Feed Supplement prevents infection caused by putrefactive microorganisms. We produce 100% natural supplements for animals, enriched with Vitamins and minerals, which helps in bone formation & blood clotting in animals.

Vitamin and health Probiotic Feed supplements for Goats and Sheep are used to gain weight. Anyone can buy this feed supplement in bulk quantity from Bioxcell Lifesciences Pvt Ltd at very reasonable prices.

Uses of Probiotic Feed Supplement for Goat and Sheep in India

Probiotic Feed Supplement for Goats and Sheep in Hyderabad India helps our animals' health growth and reproductive efficiency regulations. Some of their other uses are given below :

  • Encourages development
  • Increases disease and stress resistance
  • Meat cholesterol levels are reduced.
  • Maintains the capacity to reproduce
  • Protects against the stress of lactation.