Who We Are

BioXcell is located in Hyderabad, India, a pharmaceutical and Biotechnology hub. We take great PRIDE in fact that our products are of the higher quality with extensive range to meet or exceed our customer requirement and Expectation.

At BioXcell we believe in strict adherence to current good manufacturing practices and in building values for our customers by providing both product and services of international standards. Our products thus confirm the global standards ensuring consistent availability of a world-class product. Thus BioXcell is “to manufacture & market products of highest purity using advanced technology for the global market to meet or exceed customers Satisfaction’’.

BioXcell Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd:

  • Agricultural Soil Conditioning
  • Aquatic Animal Pond Water and Soil Treatment,
  • Bio-pesticides,
  • Bio-Agri inputs,
  • Bio-Medicals
  • Composting of Agri residues like Coir Peat
  • Cooling tower algal control
  • Domestic and Municipal Solid and Liquid Waste Management,
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment
  • Healthcare of Animals and Humans
  • In situ remediation of Oil spills etc.,
  • Nutrition of Plants, Animals and Humans
  • Swimming Pool & Spa water Treatment


Several individual probiotic strains and also blends, lyophilized and Spray Dried powder


Toxin Binders, Wet Litter Management, Herbal Liver Stimulants, Fly and Maggot Controlling, Amino Acid producing Direct Fed Microbes, Phosphatase Secreting DFM, Gut Acidifiers, Gut Probiotics, Growth Promoters, Proteinase Minerals


Septic Tank Additives, Municipal Solid Waste Management, Waste Water Management, Freshness preservation for Vegetables, Fruits and flowers, Wash room deodorants, Swimming pool and Spa water management, Snake Repellants, Fly and Maggot Controllers, Evaporation retarders, Microbial stain removers, Effluent treatments, Olive de-bittering, Grease Trap management, Oil spill management, Lignin degrading microorganisms, Pesticide degrading microorganisms We solicit your cordial inquiries and valued orders. We also look forward to have a long term healthy business relation for mutual benefit.